Myths Surrounding Dental Implants

There are many misconceptions surrounding dental implants. Often these false impressions about how common dental procedures work are enough to turn some patients away. The feeling of skepticism and fear often trumps the self-conscious feeling people have when missing teeth or have problems with their mouth which can keep them from getting the dental care they require. Dental implants have numerous benefits and will last longer than other conventional tooth replacement alternatives. Don’t let bad information keep you from having the smile you deserve. Here are a few of the most common myths surrounding dental implants.

  • Myth #1: Implants are Unsafe And Risky

For more than 40 years dental implants have been one of the most popular solutions for patients with missing teeth. Dental implants have a success rate of up to 98% (WebMD) and if taken care of properly dental implants can last a lifetime. Compared to other tooth replacement options dental implants have an outstanding success rate and are an option that can last a lifetime.

We are here to help you plan for your recovery and show you how you can aid the healing process.

  • Myth #2: The Recovery Process Is Lengthy 

Dental implants have an average recovery time of two to six months. Depending on your perception this may or may not seem like a long time, in many cases this recovery period seems very insignificant compared to a lifetime of an unattractive smile or missing teeth. To many, this recovery time is worth it.

  • Myth #3: They’re Expensive

It is known that dental implants have a steep upfront cost compared to other restorative procedures. The reason being is that they are a longer lasting solution. Studies have found that implants can last more than 30 years while other conventional alternatives such as bridges are known to only last 7 to 15 years. Dental implants do not need to be replaced as often, making them the more economical alternative in the long run.

  • Myth #4: Dental Implants Don’t Look Natural

Many people claim that they can tell when someone has implants. This is just nonsense. The majority of patients are shocked at how real their implants look. When it comes down to it, dental implants are one of the most natural looking teeth replacement options.

To keep your new implants as clean as possible simply brush and floss as you would your natural teeth.

  • Myth #5: Maintaining Your Dental Implants Is A Hassle 

Caring for your implants is the easiest part of the process. It is very easy to properly maintain your bright new smile. Just brush and floss like you always have. Another positive is that you are no longer susceptible to getting cavities or tooth decay. Nothing extra is required outside of your normal dental hygiene routine.   

  • Myth #6: The Surgery Will Be Painful

Having implants put in can be uncomfortable, but with the help of anesthesia, there is very little pain during the procedure. After the procedure, you may experience some soreness, but this minor discomfort normally goes away within the first couple of weeks.


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