Six Holiday Dental Tips

Staying healthy during the holidays is not the easiest. Sweets appear everywhere you go, and there is not much time to devote to you and your family’s health and well being with all the present-wrapping and card-writing. There is plenty of opportunity to reunite with friends, mix and mingle and, of course, nibble and munch. You should give yourself permission to splurge a little and enjoy some of the decadence that won’t be back for another 12 months. Follow these  10 tips to promote healthy dental hygiene while enjoying your holidays.

  • Avoid These Common Foods

There are many foods and drinks that come around during the holidays that are detrimental to your oral health. Foods that are sticky, hard, chewy, gummy or sugary are in most cases tasty, but they are not friendly to your teeth and gums. This includes the ever-present candy canes, soft mint chews, and other standard holiday staples. 

Drinking water helps keep your mouth clean, juices or sodas can leave unwanted sugar on your teeth.

  • Drink Water

Drinking water has numerous benefits, especially during the holidays when you are constantly on the go. Water can freshen your breath and help in digestion. One of the best perks of drinking  water is that it can clean away any freshly formed bacteria, which can reduce the number of emergency trips to the dentist due to a sore tooth

  • Choose Light-Colored Or Clear Beverages

Teeth whitening is a common treatment done before the holidays, the last thing you want to do is wake up wondering why your formerly white teeth are pale and pink. Red wine and cranberry juice tend to be popular drinks of choice during the holidays, but these potent tooth-stainers can quickly undo all your hard work from the year just passed. To keep your teeth as white and shiny as possible this holiday season, choose light-colored or clear beverages. There are many that are still very tasty, but they won’t leave your teeth looking worse.

  • Snack On Cheese

Cheese and other dairy products are known to be calcium-rich and contain phosphates. These minerals help strengthen your teeth and taste great at the same time. Cheese also contains casein protein, which helps stabilize and repair enamel

  • Pack A To-Go Teeth Cleaning Kit For Parties

If you are like most there is a good chance you won’t have much free time during the upcoming holidays. One of the best things you can do is pack a little to-go teeth cleaning kit that you can take with you. This will not only help when you end up with spinach dip wedged between your teeth, but it will make you remember to care for your teeth during this hectic time of year. 

Regular dental check-ups are important to keep your gums and teeth healthy.

  • Schedule Your Cleanings & Post-Holiday Checkup Now

This isn’t your first holiday season, so you already have a good understanding of how swamped you’re going to be. You probably also realized that, despite your best intentions, there will be times you won’t floss, brush, gargle, or do any of the things you know you need to do to keep your teeth healthy. The good news is, you can schedule your post-holiday cleaning and checkups right now. This means the right when the holidays are over, you can help your teeth stay shiny, clean, and cavity free from the first day of the new year.   


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