Emergency Dentistry

La Habra, CA

Emergency dentistry is the field of dental care that focuses on providing immediate treatment to patients with urgent dental concerns. This type of care is often necessary when a patient has a toothache, a cracked tooth, or another oral health problem that requires urgent attention. Our dentists are able to offer emergency services for patients of all ages, and we are here to help them receive the care they need as soon as possible.

We understand that dental emergencies can be very stressful, which is why we treat each and every situation with the utmost attention and compassion to help our patients through these difficult times. We also offer sedation options at our La Habra, CA location for patients who may be feeling anxious about their treatment.

No matter what your emergency dental needs may be, we are here to help. Give our La Habra, CA office a call today to schedule an appointment. We look forward to helping you get the care you need!


A toothache is a painful ache inside or surrounding a tooth. It can be caused by a number of things, including decay, infection, or injury. Toothaches can range from mild to severe and may come and go or be constant. If you have a toothache, you should schedule an appointment with our providers as soon as possible for treatment.

Until you can see us, we recommend taking over-the-counter pain relievers and applying a cold compress to the outside of your face. You can also consider rinsing your mouth with warm water to loosen any trapped particles between the tooth and the gums.

Fractured Tooth

There are many causes of a fractured or cracked tooth. This can occur due to an injury, chewing on hard objects, or even just normal wear and tear. A broken tooth can be extremely painful, and it can also lead to other dental problems if it is not properly treated. 

There are two main types of fractures: surface fractures and root fractures. 

  • Surface fractures are usually not very serious and can be treated with bonding or veneers. 
  • Root fractures, on the other hand, are much more serious and can lead to a tooth infection.

If you have a broken tooth, there are several things you can do to help ease the pain. 

  • Rinse your mouth with warm water to clean the area. 
  • You can also take over-the-counter pain medication to help with the discomfort. 
  • If the pain is severe, you can also apply a cold compress to the outside of your cheek. 

Overall, it is important to visit our office as soon as possible so that we can determine the best course of treatment. We will also be able to provide you with more information on how to take care of your tooth and what to expect during the healing process.

Knocked-Out Tooth

If you or your child has knocked out a tooth, it’s important to act quickly and seek professional attention. Depending on the situation, the tooth may be able to be replanted. 

  • If the tooth is a primary (baby) tooth, replantation is usually not recommended. This is because primary teeth are not as securely anchored in the mouth as permanent teeth, and replantation could cause damage to the developing permanent tooth. 

However, it is still important to bring your child in to ensure there is no injury to other teeth or tissues.

  • If the tooth is a permanent tooth, time is of the essence. The best chance for successful replantation is within one hour of the tooth being knocked out. Once you have located the tooth, pick it up by the crown and gently rinse it off with water (do not use soap). If possible, try to reinsert the tooth yourself and bite down on a piece of clean cloth or gauze; this will hold it in place until you reach our office. If you are unable to place the tooth back into its socket, place it in a clean container of milk and bring it with you. 

Once you arrive, we will clean the tooth and replant it in your tooth socket. A splint or wire may be placed to keep the tooth in its proper position until it heals. With proper care, your tooth has a good chance of being successfully restored to its original function.

Bringing Peace & Comfort During Your Emergency

We understand that dental emergencies can feel chaotic and scary. At Gold Coast Dental, we do everything in our power to ease these feelings by providing the care you can truly count on. In your time of need, we are here for you! 

Open seven days a week, we make every effort to book your appointment the same day you call; it’s our guarantee, after all! So if you’re in need of emergency dental care, don’t hesitate to contact our practice. We’re here to help!

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