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  • Routine dental care is the key to a healthy smile.

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Keep It Up!

I called for an appointment when I needed it really soon and was able to get the same day. The staffs and receptionist including Becky and Mara are super accommodating and helpful! I definitely and highly recommend this place- what an amazing staff! I already scheduled a follow up appointment with Dr. Acosta and I'll keep you guys posted on my dental journey on now my new dentist! Thank you Becky and Mara- -both of you are awesome- keep it up- so you guys can continue to have more patients coming in

Thessa G.

Amazing Office Visit

Amazing office visit today, went in for a deep cleaning with Lina, she did an amazing job, she's friendly, and kind, she explained everything to me step by step, she made me feel very comfortable. I definitely recommend her. Everyone in this office is extremely friendly, they all always have a smile, Martin and Becky are amazing they are very professional and clear when they communicate with me, they make this facility feel very welcoming. I highly recommend La Habra Dental Care to everyone!

Benita G.

I Will Definitely be Back

I don't normally write reviews but this office deserves it, I haven't been tot the dentist in years when my nephew recommended Brea Dental I laughed so to the distance. Boy am I glad he did the office is amazing the front office staff is very helpful the office smells like cookies, and they help navigate through all the insurance jargon. Dr. F is great I went in for a cleaning and they are gentle and take the time to explain things throughly. I will definitely be back for my next cleaning.

Rhianna G.

Sunday Appointments

I'm not a fan of coming to the dentist but Dr. Chow and the staff are awesome. They have Sunday appointments and are always able to squeeze me in for same day appointments. All the dentists are really helpful and knowledge able and very honest. I've referred friends here and they are happy with the services they received and continue to come back for treatment!

Monique A.

Nice and Comforting

Thank god one of my close friends told me about Placentia dental care.
I called them up and made a appointment ,they made my appointment around my schedule which I thought was really cool. When my appointment came around I came a couple minutes early. Everyone was really nice and comforting. I did my x Ray. They told me what needs to be done. Dr. Kim. Did a really professional job on putting in a filling.

Tommy S.

Efficient and Accommodating

Dr. Kim and his friendly staff are supporting the entire Placentia/Yorba Linda community by offering complimentary mouth guards to the football players. As a proud parent of a YLHS Mustang who has spent a lot of money on his smile, I was pleased with how efficient and accommodating Dr. Kim's office was including Gatorades and cookies. The mouthpiece will be put to good use and we appreciate your generosity. We will be back!

Julie K.

Didn't Feel a Thing

My Wisdom Teeth were bugging me so bad, called up Orange Dental Care Lauren at the front desk was so helpful and very nice. She set me up with an appointment that same day. Went in got some X-rays done saw Dr. Patel. She was awesome she took out all 4 of my wisdom teeth no problem. The procedure lasted about an hour, didn't feel a thing the whole time. She's a heck of a Dentist! Next day i felt great No swelling very little Pain.
Would definitely recommend Orange Dental to any one. I will definitely be going back!

Steven B.

Love Coming to the Dentist Now

I was referred here by a friend and now this is my dentist. I love coming here now I didn't know about my insurance that I have been having for the past years but the front desk Giuvia figured it all out for me. Trina and dr Schwartz gave me the confidence to smile again. I can't believe that I am saying this but it is true I LOVE COMING TO THE DENTIST NOW every time I come in the whole staff is nice. Thanks guys for not being like every other dental office!!

Nicandro U.

The Place to Go

The people here are great!!! Dorrie is very understanding and will work with you in any way she can. She works the front desk. Sahara is the assistant and she works well with the patients. And Dr. Shin did my root canal. He was very patient and talked me through the whole procedure. He made sure I wasn't in any pain and knows what he's doing. Even though it's a long drive for me to get there, I think this dentistry is the place to go.

Lisa F.

Always Feel Welcome

I love coming here! The team at Yorba Linda Dental always provide a great and absolutely enjoyable experience. I always feel welcome here as if I'm part of the family. Because of this, I never dread getting dental work. In addition to this, I get educated on how to constantly improve my teeth further solidifying the exceptional service. It's not just a service here, it's an experience! Thank you all for what you do!

Tony G.

Amazing Customer Service

My 10 year old daughter fell and chipped her front tooth. School started today and there was more fear in going to school w a chipped tooth then there was fear of a dentist. We had been to Tustin Smile once before even though didn't have work done, and the customer service and care of the entire office was so heartfelt that we drove straight over. They were able to fix the chipped tooth immediately, as well do a cleaning for both my 10 year old and 11year old ... I recommend this place to anyone who has kids as well as anyone who appreciates amazing customer service. Thank you TUSTIN SMILES. 🙂

Catherine C.

So Understanding

I have the worst luck ever! I always seem to have a Dental emergency at the most random times! Chipped my front tooth and walked right in since this office was in the area and they were open. They had patients scheduled but they were so understanding about my situation. They were not going to let me walk out the office with my chipped tooth lol! Dr. Dolas was sooooooo sweet! Although my veneer won't be ready till 3 days (yeah only 3 days crazy right?) his assistant Lori made me a nice temp. You can't even tell it's a temporary or that my tooth ever chipped! You guys seriously saved my life!

Michelle R.

Fun Facts on Smiles

  • There are 19 different types of smiles
  • There are 2 categories of smiles: polite social smiles and sincere felt smiles 
  • Smiles can use anywhere from 5 to 53 muscles in your face 
  • Smiles can actually boost people’s immune systems and their physical health
  • Smiles can help people to live up to seven years longer! 
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